24 May 2010


This February I felt in love...

Unfortunately, I don't have the good habit of taking pictures. Nor I am good at taking pictures...

But Istanbul is amazing! I could swear Lisbon is my favourite city in the whole world, but that was clearly before Istanbul!

People are nice, city is just beautiful and not that expensive! I really want to live there, even if just for one year.

I will leave you some pictures of the most wonderful place I've ever seen!

The Blue Mosque... So fairy tales :D Unfortunatelly, the weather was not perfect, as I bet it is now!

The Basilica cistern: 336 columns, 100.000 tonnes of water and many centuries of history.

Topkapi: the sultan's palace - never seen so much gold in my life! And a rare HUGE pink diamond!

Asia! I have finally left Europe, even if just for a few hours... Just another photo that proves how Istanbul looks like Lisbon :)

I'm really sorry for the lack of good pictures... But don't think twice and just go there!

Dare to taste the delicious salep, all the wonderful teas, the fun nargille. Turkey is a really rich country and I don't believe there is too much of it!

Extra advice? Don't forget that only the sticker with the visa is not enough! It was the first time I needed a visa for anything, so I had no idea how to do it. I was the only person in that border not speaking Bulgarian nor Turkish... Apparently I was also the only one speaking English! They just sent me to the place I had to buy the visa and they "forgot" to stamp it! When do I notice that something is missing? Poor inocent girl, only in the airport, on the way home! I waited for so long that I almost missed the plane... Fortunately, I still had the bus ticket from Sofia... and only that could save me! I came home without any Turkish Delight :(
MEMO TO ME: always buy all souvenirs before the trip is over!


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